The Alice Springs Animal Shelter thanks to the efforts and support of the community, provides a wide range of animal welfare services. With thousands of hours of donated time, the volunteer base of the shelter has worked tirelessly to promote the shelter’s work and to help care for the animals in need. The Alice Springs Animals Shelter currently finds itself needing volunteers more than ever, as the demands on the shelter are increasing every day.


Dog Walking – this provides exercise and much needed mental stimulation for the dogs in our care

Animal Grooming – Volunteers can bath and groom shelter animals so that they look their best and feel fantastic.

Animal Attendants – Volunteers can assist with the day to day operations of the shelter by helping to feed and clean the cattery, kennels or puppy facilities.

Teaching basic manners – Volunteers can assist with the training of shelter dogs. Teaching them basic manners as well as helping to re-establish their trust in people and other animals. This involves motivational training and handling and greatly improves their chances of finding a new home.

Administration – Helping with mail outs and assisting with the development of flyers etc to promote fundraising events


Providing and making dog coats, craft items and specialty goods. With a constant need for blankets and coats for our shelter animals, volunteers can help by supplying the shelter with these items. Also, those who enjoy making handicrafts, which are popular items that can be offered for sale at special events.

Donation and Promotional pick ups and deliveries – Emptying food appeal bins and distribution of promotional material in supermarkets and other outlets supporting the animal shelters fundraising events

Promotions & Fundraising Team – The shelter coordinates a number of promotional, educational and fundraising events that need the support of volunteers, and we are looking for people to help raise the profile of the Alice Springs Animal Shelter at these events.

All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age or be accompanied by a parent or guardian and be physically capable of coping with the elements and conditions of the tasks required.

For further information, please contact the Alice Springs Animal Shelter on 08 8953 4430 and or email asprspca@bigpond.com