Furcarer’s Favourite

WELCOME!!! To our new weekly feature… “Fur-Carers Favourites” where we will feature a pet that is that little bit extra special to a shelter staff member and ask them questions about this pet in the hopes their answers will make you fall in love and want to Adopt!

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Fur-carer's Favourite


Cheers to the end of an era… and new beginnings ahead


Today, we say farewell to Jill, our shelter manager of 16 years now. She is not retiring… but heading into new exciting ventures with her soon to be husband whom she met when the new shelter was being built.

We wish her all the best for the future and now we will see her face around here (we’re sure she’s going to find it hard to keep away!)

So please join us in wishing Jill a very happy See you Around!


Photo: Damien Ryan