Why desex my Cat?

If you are not intending on becoming a registered breed it is important that you have your cat desexed. Every year thousands of healthy cats die needlessly across Australia, because homes cannot be found for them. If more male and female cats are desexed, there will be fewer unwanted kittens in our community. 

There are many benefits of having your cat desexed:

– Stops unmanted litters, reducing the problem and costs of unwanted pets in the community

-Improves your cat’s temperament and health        

– Increases your cat’s life expectancy                                                                                                                  

– Reduces the risk of developing certain cancers                                                                                    

– Reduces undesirable behaviours such as spraying, marking, fighting and yowling                        

– Reduces your cat’s desire to roam

If you do not have your cat desexed:

– Females ‘spray’ and seek males ‘in season’                                                                                              

– Females will yowl at the door, rollin the ground and be agitated until they are let out                          

– Male cats fight over a female, often resulting in injuries and increased risk of getting Felines AIDS                                                                                                                                                                

– Entire male cats will roam for kilometres looking for a mate, increasing the risk of being lost, hit by a car, or attacked by other animals. 

Source: goodcatsa.com